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We’re able to deliver up to thirty-two channel multi-track live recordings using two purpose-built recording spaces. Our main live room is intimate and perfect for acoustic recordings and vocals. Our spaces have variable damping for different degrees of ‘liveliness’ in room sound. We also have a live reverb chamber and an auditorium space available upon request, with analogue ties connected directly to the control room, in addition to a range of synths for electronic music production.


The combination of a purpose-built, acoustically treated control room alongside an SSL AWS900 mixing console and ATC / PMC monitoring make for an ideal mix space. You can choose to have one of our in-house sound engineers mix your projects (attended or unattended), or use our space to take your recordings to the next level.

Co-Writing & Arrangement

Developing, arranging and producing songs is part of an essential collaboration process for any singer/songwriter or recording artist. We have a team of arrangers, writers and music producers who can work with you to take the lyrics, melody and chords and develop them into a full arrangement and a final product.

Production Deals & Management

There may be occasions where we offer standout artists a development or production deal to facilitate their career progression. Using our industry networks, we are able to release and distribute music using services from major label partners, including:

  • Digital Sales and Distribution
  • Analytics and Market Intelligence
  • Streaming and Digital Strategy
  • Sync
  • Radio Plugging and Promotion

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